Why emigrate to Australia?…S.A.T.’s Revision!

“Good day” or ” Hello again,”

Over the next three weeks we will all be getting ready to take our S.A.T. tests.

Here are a few websites to help you practice:

Woodlands Junior school have lots of interactive games.


Try the B.B.C. on:


Try Topmarks site for fun:


Love Mrs Mowbrayxx

OR simply type in SAT revision into your search engine to find more.

Take the time to have a go and practice while having fun!

Why do we bother to vote?


Year 6 are exploring the voting system for both our country and our locality.

We are writing our own arguments and voting on the issues raised. We even have our very own voting booth and ballot box!

Watch out for our protest march with our homemade placards.

Questions we have been discussing so far are:

Should all primary school children have lessons on a Saturday?

Should every child have a school dinner?

 Should we have a school uniform?

Should children of 11 and over be allowed to vote in elections?

What issue would you like to discuss? Or would you like to add a question that year 6 could discuss and vote on?

Mrs Mowbray.




Its golden horn glistened in the captivating moonlight. Its delicate hair swiftly blew in the breezy winds, as it’s smooth hooves trotted along the soft ground. I cautiously slept closer and glared into its shimmering blue eyes. I carefully reached out my hand and stroked the amazing unicorn, it’s fur was as smooth as a baby’s bottom. It was exquisite!

By Sophie y6


Spain/Tea Poem

I jumped of a plane,

to get to Spain,

everyday I jump of that plain,

so hurray to me,

as you can see,

now I’m here,

its time for tea,



Its tea time,

its tea time,

as everyone can see,

it’s tea time,

just for me,

So bye for now,

im eating my tea,

dont disturb me,

while I’m eating that tea,


Why bullies?

I seem to ask myself everyday, why do people bully?why do people get bullied?I watch these program’s where people get bullied and it makes me sad, and then I think this happens in real. So people out there who bully, STOP, THINK! And people out there who do get bullied speak you can’t get help if you don’t speak.

By Sophie,

We can stop bullies!


The wind was howling as the snow was thickening, I froze as the land got colder and colder I could feel the wind blowing into my heart. My fingers began shrinking as my heart stopped beating! FROSTBITE!

Can we save the planet?

Year six super heroes are exploring how we can save the planet. We are especially looking at recycling or as Mrs Dagnall likes to say to “learn our 3 R’s…Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

As part of our topic we are reading The Iron Giant and will be making our own!

Have you ever thought about becoming an Eco warrior?

What could school do to help save our planet? Let me know your ideas!

Love Mrs Mowbray

How has Britain changed since World War 2?

Hi, another term of exciting work!

We are exploring important events and influential people since the end of world war 2. Ask your mums and grandparents about the singer “Elvis Prestley” also known as Elvis the pelvis! He was instrumental in changing music with the rock and roll movement. See if you can find anything about him. Also look up songs from the british foursome  the “Beatles”.

Martin Luther King is also a very important person who played a part in shaping our world by believing all men were equal! Can you find out more?

Don’t forget to have a look at any inventions that have changed, influenced and moved society on.

Can’t wait to hear from you…

Mrs Mowbrayx

The Man And The Magical Horse (Script)

(The man walks into the horses shed)

Man:Hello are you ok? we are going to race today …. for charity, we could be heros!! (the man says it excitedly)

(the horse nays excitedly, then it coughs)

Horse:Sorry about that I meant I cant wait!

Man:(gets realy scared but amazed at the same time) Y..you can talk but how  ?

Horse:Yea yea I can talk but please dont tell 🙁 Im begging you.

Man:Are you kidding me I could get a fortune for you (grabs his phone)

horse:So you dont actually love me you just wanted to win races to get money (walks away)

Man:Wait! Im sorry I do love you and I couldnt live with out you lets keep this our secret 🙂


Perseus and Medusas Head!!

Perseus just sat there on a rock, when suddenly he heard someone shouting.

“NO I WILL NOT MARRY YOU” the king had always wanted to marry Perseus`s mum but Perseus`s mum didn`t want to marry the king.

The king walked outside to Perseus “You’re mum will marry me,” cried the king “Oh no she won’t how can I make you leave her alone.”

“Get medusas head,” Explained the king.

So Perseus went to a mount Olympus and a god arrived she gave Perseus 5 weapons he got a magic sword, a bag, an invisible helmet, a shield and flying sandals she told him everything to do and to go to the three witches . So he did. The sisters only had one eye to share. Perseus made himself invisible and crept into the cave and snatched the slimy eye of the rock. “Who has the eye?” Wined one of the sisters.

“Not me,” Said one

“Me nether,” Said the other.

“I have it, I’m Perseus now tell me where to find Medusa and I’ll give you your eye back”

So the three witches told him but he didn’t give them their eye back so other people can trick them.

Perseus got there and sliced of Medusas head it began pouring and roaring with blood. When he got back to Sicily at once he turned the king to stone and as for Perseus`s mum she met a wonderful man and had twins.